Calabaza en Tacha

Halloween pumpkins make my mouth water. During this season every time I see a Halloween pumpkin on the street I only can think in the delicious sweet flavor of “calabaza en tacha” or tacha pumpkin.

I have always wanted to make my own Halloween pumpkin, but I had never been capable to resist the temptation and I cook it.

When I was child I had thought the name was because of my great-great-grandmother, whose name was Anastacia and she was warmly called Tacha, when I grew up I discover that the name of my favorite dessert wasn’t in her honor, but because the name of the special pot used to cook the pumpkin: tacho. Regardless of the origin of the name “calabaza en tacha” is still one of my preferred desserts, and for me the best way to eat it is with milk.

You can try this delicious dessert, which is really easy to prepare. So made your own Calabza en Tacha

But be careful it is addicting!



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