Chilaquiles anyone

Chilaquiles are a simple yet unmistakably Mexican dish, made with corn tortillas, salsa (green or red) and topped with sour cream and fresh cheese.


Other traditional versions include shredded chicken or a fried egg.

As you can imagine, the best chilaquiles are the ones of my grandmother. I remember when I lived in Mexico any random Sunday or Saturday my grandmother arrived early morning at my home with a huge pot of chilaquiles, it was heaven breakfast, and if the night before I was partying her appearance was just divine! (In Mexico we say that the best remedy for a hangover is a really hot plate of chilaquiles for breakfast).

But why my grandmother randomly prepared chilaquiles? Well it wasn’t really randomly, she prepared chilaquiles when she had enough old tortillas.

Let me explain better, as you may know in Mexico we eat a lot of corn tortillas, and we like them fresh, so in my family all the old tortillas were cut and put in trays either near the window or on the garden table so the sun dry them. Then when there was enough dry tortillas we fry them to make chilaquiles.

Since I moved to Europe you can imagine there is no leftover tortillas, so to be honest I haven’t prepared chilaquiles here; but last week I meet my good friend Paz and she told me that she has fresh tomatillos grown in UK and great quality tortillas, so I couldn’t resist and yesterday I prepared a delicious Enchiladas Verdes for lunch and remember my grandmother tradition and today we had chilaquiles for breakfast!

This is the perfect time when you can find the best fresh ingredients (clik here) to prepare a delicious salsa verde for your Enchiladas or Chilaquiles, you can find here all the recipes, and prepare them either in our traditiona molcajete or use modern tecnhology with Thermomix.