Why read a webpage about Mexican food? 

In 2010, Mexican food was incorporated onto UNESCO’s “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. This proves that besides being delicious, Mexican food is an essential part of the world’s cultural identity.

Indeed, Mexican cuisine is the result of many years of history, recipes and methods are passed trough generations, is why the best dishes belong to the “grandma’s recipes”. These dishes are the traditional ones and summarize years of tradition and culture, whose ingredients and methods are still almost the same than the ancestral ones, using local ingredients and maintaining the traditional flavors.

In Mexico preparing food is not just cooking, but it means reviving ancient traditions and preparing and eating it is almost something sacred. For us, food is not only the fuel for the body, but also the nourishment for the soul. Having a meal is to give a special time to share with family and friends.

Mexican food summarizes our culture and History, it is our identity as Mexicans and we respect the traditional and authentic Mexican gastronomy. This gastronomy is complex, full in flavor and culture and it is easy to make and good for your health too, which is why we’ve started this blog. We aim to bring to you a taste of Mexico through food, and to encourage you to sample our recipes.

You can read more about the genesis of mexican food here, the different types of mexican cuisine here, and how to cook easy and delicious Mexican meals for any occasion here.

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