Nopalitos (cactus salad)

This is simple and healthy dish that can be used as a side for a main meal or as an appetizer. In England, finding fresh cactus leaves is very difficult, which is why this recipe calls for canned or jarred cactus.

Ingredients: cooked cactus leaves (680 g, 3 cups), chopped onion (3 tbsp), chopped cilantro (a head, 100 g), dried oregano (1/2 tsp), fresh lime or vinegar (2 tbsp)

Toppings: 3 tomatoes, 80g onion, jalapeño chillies (3), 1 avocado (optional)

Instructions: Mix cooked cactus leaves with onion, cilantro, oregano and fresh lime or vinegar. Season for 30 mins, stir well and season to taste.

Next, add the toppings (avocado is optional). You can eat this salad with some warmed tortillas!



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