Buenos días! Breakfast is one of the heartiest and most important meals for mexicans. A european breakfast (usually including juice, fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee and pastries) is considered a really light breakfast for mexicans. If you add some eggs or another mexican platter to a european breakfast, then you can call it a “normal” breakfast, but in some regions, breakfast isn’t even complete without a steak or something equally dense! 

In Mexico, the saying goes: “Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner as a beggar”. Therefore, breakfast and lunch are usually the heaviest meals of the day, complemented by a light dinner.

Mexican gastronomy always varies by region, but below are some of the most typical and delicious mexican breakfasts! Enjoy 🙂


Huevos rancheros

Huevos divorciados (“divorced eggs”)

Huevos motuleños

Huevos con machaca (scrambled eggs with dried meat)

Huevos a la mexicana

Huevos a la veracruzana

Other typical breakfasts (which can also be prepared for dinner)




Coming soon: 


Enchiladas Verdes o Rojas (green or red Enchiladas)



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