Comforting chilaquiles

Chilaquiles… I could eat them all day, everyday. It’s a very simple and quick dish that leaves you satisfied and longing for more.

It’s eaten at breakfast and/or dinnertime, and can be served with either red or green sauce. You can top it off to your heart’s contempt with soured cream, cheese, coriander, avocado…

They’re usually paired with refried beans, or cooked beans (see this post for more information on Mexican beans)

Hungry? Don’t worry! Chilaquiles are versatile and easy to make, learn how to make them here!

They can easily be adapted to meet various diets: don’t add chicken for a vegetarian version, use gluten free tortillas for a GF version…

I love to pair this dish with a nice cup of mexican style hot chocolate: don’t worry, it’s not spicy hot chocolate! It’s a very rich, authentic and traditional version of hot chocolate. After all, Mexico was where chocolate was first grown and drunk!

As always, provecho!