Rajas con crema anyone?


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Dish of the day: Quesadillas con rajas

This easy meal is sure to impress, and can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or as an “antojito” (snack). 

It’s pretty much your basic quesadilla, except it also has a filling of rajas con crema (recipe here). The combination of the melted cheese and succulent rajas mixed with cream and corn is enough to make me wish I had a plate of quesadillas de rajas con crema next to me right this instant. 

Of course, if you prefer the traditional version of rajas con crema, which is a quesadilla de rajas con crema without the cheese, it’s also a great version of this meal. Be sure to give these rajas a try at your next meal or dinner, as the unique texture is a treat for everyone!